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Thread: Auto-cast no longer highlights skill icon

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    Auto-cast no longer highlights skill icon

    Something was fixed on the graphics. Yesterday my highest video resolution option was 2560 x 1440 30 Hz, which was incredibly bizarre. Today it offers me my native resolution as 3840 x 2160 x 60 Hz exclusive fullscreen, which often has not been listed as available in Dota, so that's great. HDR is still broken.
    Unfortunately, as of this morning, when I right click an auto-cast skill, such as Drow's Frost Arrows, visually there is only the tiniest change. It's just not visible enough now.

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    This is two different topics under one? Or is it only when using that resolution that the skill icon is not highlighted? Maybe you could show us a picture?

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    This actually got fixed a few days ago. I didn't see many complaints about it, so maybe it was just a 4K + HDR problem.
    Autocast Off:
    Autocast On until a few days ago -- barely visible difference:
    Autocast Now fixed and working again:

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