I reviewed all matches that get reported and think I got 3 day banned for literally nothing.

it's hard to prove if the system now is unfair.

Yes you may argue, that every player get reported because certain toxic behavior.

But what I want to point out here is, that I, as A player, is having bad experience because of the abused current report system. So that I hope there's a chance that, when you hear more voice complain about the broken report system, you may dig deeper into the situation, and reconfigure the algorithm.

I barely type in game.

Here's the case.
matchID 5051751442, puck get 2 reports. from very badly played ck and kotl. I said nothing. ck probably think I didnt save him once (cuz tp on cooldown). Well yes I do play bad that game, but is this a fair report?
matchID 5051629210, arc get 2 reports, from whom? ES and tiny maybe? for? look at the kda.

I mean, the problem is, I win, I get reported, because I find some teamfight unwinnable, so I split push, mute talker, and get reported(never typed).
I lose, I get reported, because "bobo WR no aghanim". And by the way, all do respect, the reporters play bad, an indicator is that cores/ supports 15 death+ a game. (vs me below 5).
in those games, those players tilted, shouting "why this guy isn't helping me" (simply because they are challenging unwinnable fight trying 2v5 or getting picked off), and, reported.

I mean. seriously? think about it.
why on earth, in a won game, a support player whose kda is 2/15/2 should be consider valid?
for god's sake I muted that guy, didn't type a single word to him, and carried him. but get reported?
Game is unplayable now after the update.

I mean, queue pos 4, for me, I'm sure there'll be no report in 20+ games.

At least, take the dmg/sup/kda as a weight factor when considering the validity of reports please?

Before you say "You must be toxic",
think about it.