Hey guys,

TL;DR is the new matchmaking update that raises everyone's mmr in an immortal's party to immortal for matchmaking purposes has removed my ability to play with my friends. We are guaranteed to be stomped everytime.


I am Immortal(0) and have played with my friends ranked from legend to divine for years. Unranked matchmaking in the past has given us 50% winrate, but with this update it is unplayable for us.

Before this update, we would get a spread of MMR, but since this update we only queue into full immortal parties. Logic would dictate that other spread MMR parties would also queue in and we might get them, but the reality is that no one queues with a low immortal now since it boosts the difficulty of the game with an artificial mmr boost, and only parties of immortal friends can get fair games out of that.

MATCH ID 5064095645

This is an example of what I'm talking about. My friends and I queued into 2 divines, 2 low immortals, and a top 100 immortal. It's an unplayable game.

Since there are so few immortals I imagine this will probably be ignored, as I see that Valve is trying to remove the ability for immortals to come into legend games with their crusader friends and pubstar, and since that is the bulk of their customers, they will appeal to the masses, but as it is I can't queue unranked with my friends anymore and it's a shame since I've enjoyed this game since the closed beta. I hope that Valve retracts this change so that I can continue to play the game I love with the friends I love.

Thank you