Don't usually feel the need to make suggestions as Valve are pretty on top of things but two small things that I feel like have gone overlooked for a long time and just hoped someone at Valve might see this:

Nightstalker cosmetics, this hero is one of the oldest Dota heroes and only has 2 sets available on the market. Juggernaut has about 86 cosmetic sets... Only asking because NS is my favourite hero (there are a few heroes that are similarly overlooked: Viper, Ursa, Jakiro, Weaver, Bane, Shadow Demon, Underlord, Ancient Apparition, OD has been forgotten about for a long time and Slardar, Oracle, Enigma and Lycan have had a few new items lately that have helped but could still use a few more - I'm sure there are a few heroes I'm missing from here but it would be good if we could get cosmetics for some of these heroes.) While these aren't necessarily the most popular heroes, they are still some of the coolest heroes and should get some love as well, I know there is a LOT of great sets in the workshop and hopefully they can get added sometime soon.

Please add a Silencer debuff for when you lose Int to Silencer permanently, this has been suggested a million times in the past but wanted to suggest it a million +1 times.

Thank you.