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Thread: Can't create control group with bear active including lone druid

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    Can't create control group with bear active including lone druid


    In warcraft 3 dota, I can create a control group [bear, hero] using ctrl+2 so that later in the game I can hit 2 and that will select my spirit bear and my hero, and then I can hit Q to use my spirit bear's Q. In Dota 2 it incorrectly creates the group [hero, bear] instead.

    Can't create control groups with a hero and non-hero with the non-hero selected.

    1) Pick Lone Druid, level to 3, get level 2 Q and use Q
    2) Select your hero and bear, such that your bear is active and if you hit Q it uses return.
    3) Hit ctrl+2.
    4) Select only your hero.
    5) Hit 2Q

    Lone Druid tries to use his Q

    Bear uses Return

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    i play LD.
    your problem is that you are selecting both hero and bear when grouping. hence the first selection priority in the group is the hero when you press 2.

    You can either:
    A) hit Ctrl +2 both hero and bear just like you did. but press TAB then Q to use bear skills
    B) hit Ctrl +2 just the bear. allows you to press 2 + Q to use bear skills. set different hotkey for both hero + bear.
    C) set the hotkey for Select other units + Select all controlled units (includes both hero and any units). so you dont even have to Ctrl + 2 to group. this will include necro units etc

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    In WC3 DotA, I could 2A to attack with both units and 2Q to use return. In Dota 2 I cannot. My problem is that Dota 2 has a bug where control groups that were possible to create in Warcraft 3 17 years ago are not possible to create in Dota 2.

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    you're not even reading my reply.

    yes you can 2A to attack with both units and 2Q to use return. but you need to press TAB as the first unit is always the hero when BOTH selected. All you have to do is press 2, TAB, A. then Q if you want to return. in dota 2 the hero is always the first selection if its in group, not the current unit selection when grouping.

    now if you want to JUST press 2A and 2Q you need ONLY THE BEAR selected in group.

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    I did read the reply. In warcraft 3 I do not need to hit tab, because the following bug is not present in warcraft 3: "first unit is always the hero when BOTH selected".

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