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Thread: [GameBreakingBug] Sun Ray disabled whole game if you buy aghs in egg form

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    [GameBreakingBug] Sun Ray disabled whole game if you buy aghs in egg form

    1. I had point booster, ogre axe, and wizardry staff in inventory while in egg form.
    2. Courier delivers final piece of blade of alacrity to egg and combines into aghanim's scepter.
    3. Phoenix reborns from egg, from there on Sun Ray skill is darkened, and pressing the skill displays the message "Skill is inactive", while Toggle movement skill is available but does nothing when it is pressed.
    4. The bug persists even after death and respawning, the skill remains unavailable.

    To reproduce:
    1. Go to hero demo mode using phoenix
    2. activate supernova
    3. immediately buy aghanim's scepter into inventory
    4. see sun ray skill disabled upon completing the ultimate

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    If this happens to you in your game again, you can get your Sun Ray back by casting your ult again without aghs.

    Looks like the spell checks for your aghs, and does the disable/enable of Sun Ray based of it. If you cast it without aghs, it disables it, but when you get aghs while still in ult, upon ending, it sees you have aghs, so it skips the enabling part.

    Instead of checking for aghs, the spell should check whether Sun Ray is currently disabled or enable upon Supernova ending. There is no need for the aghs check, since Sun Ray should ALWAYS be enabled once Supernova ends. The aghs check should only happen upon cast, to decide whether Sun Ray needs to get disabled or not.
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