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Thread: Some ideas for DOTA2 matching system

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    Lightbulb Some ideas for DOTA2 matching system

    1. Set the player matching card. Players can choose their own preferences for location, and the five locations can be set to priority locations, willing to play, and unwanted matches. Location preferences can be modified freely.
    2. The matching system will match according to the position preference set by the player, ensuring that one team can be used in five positions. But it does not force the player to play a certain position.
    3. After entering the game, the player can see the matching cards of all teammates, and then coordinate the position according to the matching card.
    4. After selecting a hero, the player needs to choose which position to use for this hero (must be selected).
    5. The matching points no longer distinguish between the support score and the core score, but are divided into a total score and five position scores. The total score is calculated for each game, and the position score is only calculated for the selected position.
    6. The position score and the number of games played in each position will also be displayed in the matching card
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