Not sure of the intended behaviour, but in a game as Ember, I casted Activate Fire Remnant just as I got hooked by enemy Pudge and didn't arrive at the remnant but it got consumed.

The remnant jump animation showed but instead of ending up at the remnant, I ended up next to pudge.

Game ID: 5082246293
Playing as Ember vs Pudge

Relevant timestamps
18.21.57 : Activate BKB to get out of root
18.21.73 : Receive Pudge Hook Debuff (presumably I am stunned from this point)

18.21.86 : Activate Remnant + Lose Hook Debuff (BUG - I should either not be able to cast anything while stunned, but if it's intended and I am supposed to lose Hook Debuff, I should land at the remnant and not Pudge)

18.22.30 : My remnant disappears despite not arriving there + remnant jump duration ended. (And this is probably where I arrive at Pudge)

I believe the intended behaviour should be - Get hooked >Arrive at Pudge > then go to Remnant(As I activated the remnant during/before the hook)
Or go to remnant directly.

Remnant/Correct Location :

Actual Result w/log