As you guys can check on match ID 5102484625

At 11:40 seconds we went as 4 heroes and a LV 2 tower against Timber and we just coudnt kill it. Pudge, venge, Tiny and centaur... all Timber had was A hood of defiance, arcane boots and soul ring. Thats all. Timber lv 10, pudge lv 10, tiny lv 6, centaur lv 6 and venge lv 6... The guy is a completely imba tank with 50 hp regen per second at lv 8 and 40 at lv 5, with 2 points on first skill and 1 point into second skill all he took was 2 cds to bring A 1200 hp tiny to 0. 4 seconds... I was introducing my friend to the game and he just gave up.