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Thread: Why wait so long after TI for a patch? Should be out 30 days after the finale.

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    Why wait so long after TI for a patch? Should be out 30 days after the finale.

    Going forward can you guys please not make dota stagnate by waiting so long to release a patch?

    Since the TI meta gets established well before TI, likely at the last major before TI, we'll have already played in it for months. As such it makes no sense to have such a huge gap after a TI before a new patch comes out, what should happen is at the end of TI, if there's any new heros or major hero reworks maybe 3 days later that's when they should be released, then roughly 30 days after the TI final the battle pass should expire and the next major update should be released. That way the new heros will be thrown into an established meta and they can be quickly sorted out before the real patch comes if they happen to be particularly broken.

    So for example the upcoming outlanders should have been released on friday the 27th of September, so that it can coincide with a weekend for the highest player base for initial testing.

    That way we don't have to have a major with the same months old TI meta like the recent major, and the game can stay fresh without losing a large amount of it's player base.

    Also I think at this point heros with exceptionally low pick rates and win rates should be removed for a while so they can get reworks, rather than continually introducing new heros year after year to avoid bloat, so maybe the goal should be 2-3 hero remakes with 1 new hero per TI going forward?

    Also very importantly can you ban the new heros from ranked all pick/randeom draft for the start of the patch?
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