Valve\dota team obviously wants more new players but they refuse to separate new\bad players from the old ones who WILL be toxic to new/bad players because no one has the time to teach a new player how to play dota, when they themselves learned it over the years and thousands of games. Its all too obvious for experienced players that a certain person simply isnt carrying his weight and valve only enforcing an arbitrary number of 100 games played to enable ranked is frankly an insult to the entire playerbase. This enables smurfing and new players get flung into an environment they have no skills to deal with. A tutorial wont help. It should be a minimum of 250 hours played with forcefully reduced hero pool of maybe 6. 2 int 2 agi 2 str of their choice. With ability to swap some a few times max. That would give them bare minimum understanding of the game.

People long suggested to distribute mmr to people depending on how well they performed in the game. With the help of machine learning that might just be possible finally. Factors like death count, wards that didnt get dewarded immediately. Smoke usage. Overall cooperation. Healing done. Damage dealt. Stacking/pulling. Farm. All of that can be programmed and quantified without leaving room for abuse. Performing well would almost always lead to win. And that would encourage people even more to strive for to be even better.
Dota team recently implemented match reporting to describe how you think it went. Good coordination, stomp ect. There should be dozens of options to describe how much of an impact your teammate had towards the victory with preset questions. And if those match their in game stats, then they either gain more mmr or lose less or even get penalized more. To supplement that implement a system similar to cs go overwatch from the top immortal to judge players based on negative reports against them in ingame clips. Like if a player gets reported with intentional feed and the reviewer sees all clips leading to his death in a span of maybe 60 seconds. High immortal queue times are up to an hour so they could easily do this if they wanted with some incentive while being completely qualified to dish out judgement having reached the pinnacle of dota skill.