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    Match getting disconnected after accepting it

    1. Start finding match
    2. ALT+TAB to Windows while it searches
    (when match is found, Dota is brought to front to accept the match)
    2. Insta-click on ACCEPT WITHOUT even moving mouse (mouse returns automatically to the center mid position when Dota is brought to front so you just have to click it)
    3. Wait 'til all 10 players accept the game and the match never loads up the hero selection screen, but keeps you at the main menu where you have the options to reconnect or abandon but you just cannot reconnect. You have to wait (?) and you are punished with X minutes to find another match (Like you have declined it).

    It happened to me to me a few times already where I kept getting punished with longer and longer waits as if I were not accepting it.

    I'm using Direct3D 9 with 1920x1080 16:9 Exclusive Fullscreen settings.
    The game is set to bring Dota to the front in all circumstances (match found, pick phase, unpaused and ready checks)
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