I play this game ever since DotA 1... from around 2008 or so.

I got into dota 2 on January 2012, by getting a beta key from a lottery in playdota forums.

After that time went by and I started loving this game and putting a lot of dedication (and money, of course) on it.

Believing this was something worth my effort, I also learned how to commend and report other players for things worth being punished. And was really successful all these years.

Now recent changes on the report system can make people report you in "gameplay", which may include "disruptive gameplay".

So I've had 2 really bad matches and got reported over BAD PLAYING. Since I knew how the report system works I knew I was safe because having a bad match is no reason to be punished by the game, right?

Wrong. I got a 4 hour ban over 7 gameplay reports.

So now the dota report BOT works exactly as some social media bots: quantity over quality. No single review if I was really tring over wanting to throw the match was made.

And so, all hail the toxic community Valve has just reinforced.

Imgs on the report: https://imgur.com/a/16VJRlz