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Thread: Reporting a scripter? Am-player using script to auto-reflect spells - even from FOG.

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    Reporting a scripter? Am-player using script to auto-reflect spells - even from FOG.

    I just played vs a scripter and it feels so pointless to report them on steam.

    I was out of reports so i could not report him with the in-game system.
    Is there any way to get this guy banned? I think i saw a reddit post a few months back where you could report potential cheaters?

    This guy is 100% cheating - everyone including his teammates said so.
    He managed to reflect all spells (he was playing anti-mage) with his E... EVEN when he got insta-silenced from fog... from freakin FOG!!!
    When confronted about cheating he replied "so?".

    This is really frustrating.

    The person:


    5121053559 (anti-mage player)

    If there is any alternative way of reporting him (making contactt to a valve-worker via reddit, mail or something else) please let me know.

    This guy ruined the game for 9 others.

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    My monitor cant even see how he last hit creeps or fighting if not change resolution (via player perspective). Cheats now following mouse cursor LUL but still bugged.
    26: 20 - 26:30 fighting with viper. All players trying to make hero on the middle of the monitor when fighting to somehow see hero what you are fighting with. But this motherfucker not see enemy heroes (they out of his monitor resolution) and somehow clicking on them.
    Ban this idiot via mac addres (steam info use)
    5:17 same shit (player does not see what his hero doing and somehow last hit creeps.)
    on 5:20 skyamage make tp on shrine, after 6 second am spam skymage is missing - he saw skymage tp in fog of war without ward and spam it.
    9:43 - its 100 percent was from fog of war he reflect silence - this silence doe's not have animation cast to somehow react on it.

    Next time say time stamps, it's will be faster in milion times.

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