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Thread: 7.23 killed my radeon 7970

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    7.23 killed my radeon 7970

    i updated game, observed in game for 10 min - switched from immortal gardens terrain to new journey , 2 minutes into observing another game artifacts start popping on screen - then it freezes , now i have two vertical lines in bios (on attached picture)- no picture in windows .
    recently i watched chengdu major for hours on and i didnt have any problem ever with card and i used it for many years
    i heard lot more noise from fans before screen froze , but it happened really quickly in 5-10 sec. from normal to frozen
    i hope its right forum to post ,i never had anything similar happening ever before- 100% sure it was update

    cant upload picture as attachment for some reason.. will try again...

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    That line of GPUs came out in 2012, so I doubt it's DotA's fault. Mroe than likely you simply have an old card that's finally shit the bed.

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