My courier needs to stop trying to give me 100% of its items. Couriers can use items now and i want certain items to stay on the courier. In addition to that, the courier should take from my inventory anything that i've flagged for courier use. This button would work exactly like the "lock combining" button and would put a little courier mark over the item.

Obvious examples:
The jungle shovel item can be used by courier every 70 seconds to leave free tp scrolls/salves/bounty runes in your base. Guardian Greaves or any other shoes can easily be useful from courier. Aeon Disc makes courier troll enemies. Courier keeps giving the items back and dragging items individually from one to the other is poor design.

Also, on that note but far less importantly, note that the end game screen doesn't say what items your courier has even though it's effectively a 2nd mini hero and its items can be extremely important.

Also, as some shit devs might not have thought of... if you're dead you can move items to the stash, where the courier can take them and go support your team for you while you respawn....

This patch is the most awkward thing and i can't decide if i like it or if i just want old dota back.