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Thread: 7.23 Neutral Item Drop Recommendations

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    Lightbulb 7.23 Neutral Item Drop Recommendations

    Not sure if there’s a proper thread specifically for Gameplay Update 7.23 so here goes.
    The neutral item drop system is terrible for Dota. The game’s RNG factor is ramped up considerably, and the core gameplay of teamwork and strategic itemization is being squeezed out by this neutral farming situation. The 62 items should be implemented as a reward system for teams that:
    a) Push and take objectives
    b) Win big teamfights
    c) Or both

    So instead of having these items drop randomly upon clearing a neutral camp, here’s an elaboration for the two alternatives:
    A) Objectives scenario
    The items could be rewards for taking towers. The hero that gets the last hit (denies excluded) on a tower can claim one item from the 62. They do this by a captured outpost. Tier 1 tower kills allow you to claim a tier 1 item each, tier 2 towers a tier 2 item each, etc. The items are not shareable, and once claimed, it cannot be claimed again by the player, teammates, nor the other team. As a bonus, if a team manages to obtain mega creeps, then each member of the team may claim one tier 5 item.
    Thus, a team could claim a maximum of 16 items.

    B) Teamfight scenario
    The items could be rewards for the team that wins major teamfights. Only fights that reach a threshold of total damage, and resulted in at least two kills for the team, will be eligible for rewards. The more total damage done by the team, the higher the tier of items available at a captured outpost. At the conclusion of such a teamfight, two players on the winning team may claim one item each: the player that contributed the most damage on the team, and the player that contributed the most support, heals, debuffs, etc. Again, each item should not be shareable, nor claimable again within the same match. As a bonus, if a rampage was claimed during an eligible teamfight, then each member of that player’s team may claim an item.
    Optional: only the first rampage for each team will yield the bonus.

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    At first glance i thought i'd agree with this post but we have completely different issues with this system. My issue is the RNG about who the item is for. Your carry might already have a full inventory and you're getting nothing but carry items from the jungle Some games i'm playing hard support and have 10 items, others i have 3. It feels extremely unpolished. There should be a fair mix of consumable/support/carry items from the jungle, to avoid having unusable items not suited for the players with empty inventory slots.

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