Astral step uses the level 1 cooldown (25 seconds, 18 with talent) when it should not. After using both charges quickly, the cooldown for the next charge will be the correct value, but if you wait for that cooldown and use the next charge as soon as you can, it will use the lvl 1 cooldown.

Repro steps:
1. Level up void spirit to lvl 12 and get lvl 2 astral step,
2. Use both charges of astral step quickly.
3. Wait 20 seconds for the next charge of astral step
4. Use the next charge as soon as possible

Result: Astral step will go on cooldown for 25 seconds.
Expected: Astral step should go on cooldown for 20 seconds, since that is the lvl 2 charge restore time

With the level 20 talent (-7 sec cd astral step), the same process will make it go on cooldown for 18 seconds, which would be the lvl 1 cooldown with talent.