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Thread: 7.23 needs roll back: increased snow ball with outpost, unfair RNG drop, afk jungling

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    7.23 needs roll back: increased snow ball with outpost, unfair RNG drop, afk jungling


    the main problem of the 7.23 patch that makes a roll back mandatory to save the game is that we know after 10 minutes which team will win the game because the comeback gets harder exponentially. This patch increases snowballing, by giving more map control to the team already ahead with outposts, experience bonuses, vision and an offensive teleporter point even after the t1 destroyed (allows to sneak behind roshan's pit for the Dire too). The game also depends much more on afk jungling and RNG. A team ahead with map control will loot more items and get more gpm than the team behind, some items looted are very good for some heroes and they get them for free. Also we can't make our own choice of our build and how we want to play with those items and there are too many. And the level 30 cap makes it more oriented for farming. Some Tier 5 items are game changing and will only be looted by the team with map control pressuring the other team to turtle. The side shop needs to be restored.
    The courrier level is also bad, I don't know about the multiple courriers. The passive gold has been decreased and is removed when the courrier is dead, this is a bad idea, as I said it increases advantage to those with map control.

    What was needed instead was the opposite, to have an approach closer to overthrow with more passive gold, faster experience and less punishing death and also to adjust the passive GPM based on the position on the scoreboard to balance the game (like a Mario Kart system where you get bonus speed and better bonuses depending on your position, so it's always interesting to play until the finish line). This is why I don't like the Midas item, it gives a farming advantage to an hero that is already ahead in farm.

    Allowing the players to comeback very easily with not only passive GPM but even passive experience to catch up with the first players will allow to reflect the real skill of each players, makes more interesting, balanced and dynamic team fights and gameplay. Also the game should allow to craft small items for every items to increase the power gradually unlike the farming of a radiance for example.
    The loot system should be removed, but some lootable items have interesting ideas and could be added to the shop like delaying the death for an initiator.

    I think overall the only benefits we should have for gettings kills shouldn't be to have farming advantage to snowball but to allow to push and get closer to the ancient. It will allow to balance the game and play the objectives. At the same time it should have an anti-rat system, 3 players should be attacking a building or it would have passive damage block and armor even when not backdooring. Speaking about rating, the meteor hammer should be removed and necronomicons should be reworked, it does more damage to creeps and building than heroes with their damage type and in fight I still see them as 200 gold bounty runes with legs.
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