For the past year now with a unknown reason why, me and one other of my friends have been having issues with out-dated information from Talent Trees, Tool Tips, and Ability's. The talent it self has updated, but not the display telling us what it is.

Photos are from version 7.23b, but from my knowledge the abilities being displayed go back all the way to 7.20
( If you dont want to open the link here are rough descriptions for time sake )

Picture One : Dazzle Talent Tree level 25 are
+0.5 Weave Armor Per Second / -4s Shadow Wave Cool down which are incorrect, as of 7.23b they are supposed to be +0.5 Bad Juju Armor Reduction / +40% Poison Touch Slow
Dazzle's Level 10 Talent Tree +20 Shadow Wave Heal / Damage is supposed to be +30 Shadow Wave Heal / Damage

Picture Two : Dazzle's shallow grave is not upgrade-able by Scepter anymore, but the ability description says it still is in 7.23b

Picture Three : Luna tool-tip for Lunar Blessing just says " Damage increased by . "

Picture Four : Side by side photo showing Storm Hammer, which is upgrade-able by Scepter, and Gods Strength, also saying its upgrade-able by scepter while in 7.23b

I have no idea how you would recreate this, my guess is just update from 7.20 from versions before it as this happened as I took absence from Dota and then made the jump to 7.20