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Thread: Meepo clones don't copy neutral item boots

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    Meepo clones don't copy neutral item boots

    Spider Legs, Force Boots, and Woodland Striders are all boots. Meepo clones are supposed to copy the main Meepo's boots.

    The current priority order is:

    Boots of Travel 2 > Boots of Travel 1 > Guardian Greaves > Power Treads > Arcane Boots > Phase Boots > Tranquil Boots > Boots of Speed

    Most logical would be to throw them in between BoT1 and Guardian Greaves (BoT2 > BoT1 > Woodland Striders > Force Boots > Spider Lsgs > Guardian Greaves...)

    I personally would make it so that players can decide which boots get copied by the Meepo. Or make it based on item slot, with top left having highest priority and bottom right the lowest.
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    Is this fixed?

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