What is a sleep?

A full disable that gets canceled upon taking damage.

So why does KOTL's ult say "SLEEP" above affected targets? It's not a Sleep.

What's a fear?

A full disable that makes enemes uncontrollably flee towards their fountain (or creep camp)

So why does Sinister Gaze say "FEAR" above the targets? It's not a Fear.

What's a taunt

A full disable that forces the enemy to attack a specific unit.

So why does Aether Remnant say "TAUNT" above the target? It's not a taunt.

Instead of using random keywords, how about you create a "new" keyword for these 3 spells: HYPNOTIZE

What's a hypnotize?

A full disable that slowly pulls in a target towards a source against their will.

- Does it fit for Will-O-Wisp? Definitely, it even says "Hypnotizes" in its description already.
- Does it fit to Sinister Gaze? Yes, same as above, it already says that Lich "Hypnotizes" the target.
- Does it fit to Aether Remannt? Fits here as well, since it's basically like Sinister Gaze, but the remnant does it instead.

Please stop misusing already established keywords like this, it really does not help at all, since it's quiet misleading.

Other issues

- Life Break doesn't say "TAUNT" above the target. It has currently no status bar effect at all.
- Nether Swap says "MUTED" instead of "FEAR". The mute isn't necessary anyway, since fear completely disallows giving the unit any orders anyway, so it's safe to remove the mute and silence from Nether Swap