For a few patches now, my talents have remained what was shown several updates ago. It also shows old tooltips for spells, which is very annoying; it means i have to google my spells and talents for most heroes, since many have changed in the last few patches.

For example, at level 20, Bounty Hunter's left talent says "+125% Jinada Critical Strike".

Treant Protector's Leech Seed still has the old text: "Treant plants a life-sapping seed in an enemy unit..."

There's some items with just blank, missing text. Veil of Discord says "Cast a 600 radius blast that decreases enemy magic resistance by ." with "Range: " It also only says +9 to all attributes, though I think it gives mana regen now.

I tried uploading pictures as well, and it just doesn't work with this site, I'm not sure. I tried to go to the uploader, and it will continue loading for minutes, or will finish loading but not actually upload anything, even with different pictures. They are png format and the correct size.

I'd really like to get this all fixed. Who can I contact for this?