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Thread: Click to Target Sometimes Fails to Prioritize Correct Unit

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    Click to Target Sometimes Fails to Prioritize Correct Unit


    I've run into the issue several times recently where attempts to select enemy units cause repeated mistargetting and improper unit selection.

    Example: dota2://matchid=5153895886&matchtime=2248

    Watch Lion's cursor as he tries to ult the Dazzle. Despite the cursor being directly on top of Dazzle when the ultimate button is pressed, the Finger hits the Necro Archer directly behind him.


    One way to reproduce this is to place a friendly sentry very slightly in front of an enemy observer wards. When trying to right-click it, sometimes you will repeatedly select your own sentry ward instead of attacking the observer ward.

    Expected Behavior:

    When allied and enemy units are stacked very close to each other, clicking to select should prioritize enemies (for offensive actions) or allies (for defensive actions). In this case, the stacked wards should prefer to target the enemy observer ward. It should also prefer enemy heroes to enemy units, so the Finger in the link above should prefer to strike Dazzle instead of his Necro Archer.
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