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Thread: Suggestion: Team Storage

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    Suggestion: Team Storage

    due to people talking about Jungle Item Sharing. (and me having an idea)

    I propose:
    'Team Storage'

    on the lower *RIGHT* side where gold is presented(which is also the Shop Button). beside it we will make a new button. a Team Storage button and its icon would be a chest(for example).

    remember the two dudes from the side shop? I suggest we repurpose them as NPCs that opens the 'Team Storage' that is positioned near the shopkeeper at the fountain, one for each side(Radiant and Dire). they would look like bystanders guarding a Wooden? chest(or multiple Wooden? chests).

    now what this does is.
    you can deposit items. sharable only. in here. from the shop:
    potions? maybe?
    teleport scroll
    tango?(maybe not ,heh tango feeding. miss the old days)
    and of course jungle items.
    BUT. once the items has been deposited here. YOU CAN NEVER EVER SELL THEM BACK.(or you could, let just write 'ownership' internally)

    so.. we give items we don't like to our courier or personally go to the fountain.
    once there we can drag and drop it to the chest.
    AND\OR. we could right click the item and choose 'Send to Storage' (or Send to Team Storage)

    Now, Everytime an Item is deposited (or removed) the Chest Icon on the lower right *beside* the gold/shop button. will have an 'red exclamation point' (we can even add a number to state how many items are in there)

    in the world where every player has a courier. this seems to be a good idea.
    it simplifies teamwork by sharing consumables.
    repurposing the two iconic Bros back in the world of dota 2.

    items in the Storage used by the whole team. someone could steal it(but still the same as dropping it on the fountain floor and somebody stealing it.)
    it shares cosumables. (utter chaos, maybe.)
    legally feeding your hard carry teammate with potions. ( which I must admit. do it now by applying potions to my carry lanemate)

    My Opinion. Thanks.
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