These items use the exact same visual effect and audio as other non-neutral items, making it impossible to tell them apart for anyone

In order of importance

a. Minotaur Horn: Same as Black King Bar
a. Ex Machina: Same as Refresher Orb
1. Flicker: Same as Blink Dagger
2. Arcane Ring: Same as Arcane Boots
3. Greater Faerie Fire: Same as Faerie Fire
4. Essence Ring: Same as Mekansm
5. Mirror Shield: Same as Linken's Sphere and Lotus Orb

Others that should get an own effect are:

1. Phoenix Ash: Currently uses Supernova explode effect. This can be confusing if it is on Phoenix, and is misleading, because it looks like an AoE effect.
2. Clumsy Net: Can be mixed up with the Dark Troll Summoner's Ensnare, which uses the same effects.

Other neutral items without any feedback

1. Royal Jelly: Add particle effects upon cast.
2. Enchanted Quiver: Add impact particles upon applying the damage
3. Mindbreaker: Add debuff particles.
4. Illusionist's Cape: Add cast particles