So I've noticed a lot of people are joining queue with all 5 roles selected to get charges for fast queue. But when they get undesired role(most of the time Support and Hard Support), they throw the game on purpose.
Their "main" rank is unaffected and they get 4 charges no matter what. They don't necessary feed or waste wards(like regular griefers, I guess they know its easier to get ban this way), they sometimes literally do nothing of use for the team. They just jungle and steal last hits from cores until the other team ends the match.
Shadow shaman in match 5191414332
Core gets dc so he unpauses and suicides it 2 times. Core comes back and hes just stealing last hits with spells, then goes to jungle to farm.
I need to mention that there was literally no communication, not even one line of chat or so to believe he tilted. There was no reason.

I checked his next game, while waiting on my queue. Same hero, same play.

Are you going to do anything regarding this? He is even rewarded for such behavior and if you ask me he should be getting atleast few days ban for griefing(not even lp).
I wait 20-30 min to get into a game(even with fast queue charge) and then I get this sort of match...

The only real solution would be actually winning the game to get fast queue charges instead of just playing... This is the same thing as low priority few years back when people used bots or just suicided on mid lane so the match ends sooner until they changed it so you have to win it.