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Thread: [BUG] Workshop tools failing to compile vmats and vmdls

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    Exclamation [BUG] Workshop tools failing to compile vmats and vmdls

    when I try to compile an item in the item importer I get this error

    no vmat is created and upon further inspection no vmdl was compiled either

    This happened shortly after Tiny's updated slots were readded to the tools

    I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this issue
    it seems to only affect the importer as my manually compiled models in the custom game tools seem to work just fine

    this is after validating files and a full reinstall of the game and the tools.

    I'm hoping that this is resolved before the deadline for the spring 2020 call to arms, as this would greatly hinder my ability to participate.

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    After uninstalling Dota 2 with Revo to flush out all traces of it and a fresh install
    I'm finding that I can compile for heroes like Antimage but not for Juggernaut or Faceless Void for some odd reason.

    This might be an issue tied to certain heroes.

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