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Thread: Replay Console Commands for video recording

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    Hey peeps,

    I haven't made videos in a long time and I forgot all the commands I used to use so I'm trying to find out which commands I need.

    Currently I have:

    Hide top Hud: dota_hud_hide_topbar 0/1

    Hide bot Hud: dota_hud_hide_mainhud 0/1

    Free Camera: dota_toggle_free_camera

    Hide Cursor: dota_hide_cursor 0/1

    Now I need a way to disable the Camera Sway when following a hero.


    To disable camera sway on hero: dota_camera_lock_view_helper 0

    Other ones I am looking for is a way to disable the replay tool tips as if playing a normal game, like the replay arrow/cog on the top left.

    Any other console commands that may be useful please let me know
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