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Thread: Changing report rules.

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    Changing report rules.

    Does no one get tired of it when people say f your mother etc? Hope your family dies etc.
    I think ban system really should be changed. When people say these things ban them for a week/month. This is just not acceptable.
    It will also enhance teamplay when people don't use vulgar and offensive language to other players. This really should be harder punished.
    Dota league had this system if you said there anything bad about someones mother u had so many penalty points in 1 instance. This was way better. I think also many people left this game because of horrible behavior in games.
    Also false reporters people who report for if you make 1 mistake in a game.
    Ban them from making any reports.

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    Valve doesn't care at all.
    It would be easy to do verbal abuse detection nowdays without any 'reporting' needed.

    But then again they ban people with no reason for whatsoever anyways
    No matter if you aren't toxic and play good everygame .. there is quite a high chance of getting reported.

    So no. What i gather valve doesn't care.

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