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Thread: 10 years of dota2 matchmaking is still bad.

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    10 years of dota2 matchmaking is still bad.

    i'm really wondering if any of the guys that make the update decisions actually play the blows my mind how can a 10 year old game have the same defective ranked matchmaking with small changes here and there for so many years while so many players actually complain about it and after seeing that nothing is changing they leave the game. That's one of the reasons dota has hit an all time low player base number.

    I ve suggested the roles thing like 6 years ago and we just got it few months back. I also suggested the performance impact back then and ill suggest it again. Now im not saying that everything that is suggested should be implemented but some things should be and actions should be taken much faster.

    It also blows my mind how for so many years there is zero common sense in the way Ranked matchmaking works. Let me explain. You obviously have algorithms that track player's performance in every match. So my question is why isnt ranked matchmaking numbers based on the performance of the player ? and is just a fixed number in every match win/loss +-25.

    For example you have a mid player who goes 20-1 he has the highest networth in game the highest hero damage in game and the highest impact in game and in the same team you have an off-laner pudge who goes 0-20 with 300 networth and then he goes afk or he just leaves the game and the team ends up losing.

    How on earth is it balanced those 2 players lose the same amount of MMR ? Who actually thought that this would be a good idea? like do you guys even put any effort in this ?
    First of all the leaver or afker should lose the amount of mmr of all of his teammates combined like instantly -100 mmr.

    There should be a way the mmr number gained or lost to be based on your performance and not only the win loss. So the guy who had a great performance but lost the game should lose less MMR and the guy who had terrible performance should lose more. But that difference should be high enough to make an actual impact on the total MMR Of they player in 3 games.
    The same logic should apply when you win. If you win and you played very poorly you should win less than those who actually tried to win and played good.

    Depending on the role you play the algorithm should give more importance on the right stats. If you played mid or carry then your total K/D/A should matter more just as your total hero damage/building damage last hits networth etc. If you played hard support then your Assists should be more important and not your Kills and deaths. And your total warding/enemy wards destroyed healing/ and support item used on teammates like glimmers/force staves / stack pulls etc.

    I could analyze this more but this is basic stuff you get the idea. it makes me sad that you guys had the best moba in your hands and its player base is the most stubborn player base that you will ever find in a game. They stayed no matter what but you dont recognize the game's true problems and you are slowly killing it.

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    They track individual skill. The biggest downgrade to the whole experience was introduction of behavior score pools which put same behaving people. Chatty people play with chatty ones. Flamers with flamers. 0 communication entire game with 0 communication(those are the best games i ever had). Point is if you know the system you can get into the pool you want to play in. The rest is skill. If u can maintain 60% wr u can rise fairly fast. Just adapt to shit teammates. Dont expect them the plays you would make thats just wishful thinking.

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    Even if you have a 10000 behaviour score the matchmaking system join you with players who pick wrong role heros, feeding hardest, going afk and long after they begin to afk quitting because they are bored. How is it possible that a matchmaking system merging such players in normal role ranked with players who effort a lot to escape this troll pool. I would say the matchmaking system was never invented to be something like fair. Dota 2 got a lot time to do the right stuff, no idea why they fail that hard?
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