Match 5199687916

Player inventory unable to accept TP scrolls when there are TP scrolls from trusty shovel present in the inventory. It may only happen when the trusty shovel scrolls are the ONLY scrolls in the inventory. Unable to test for reproduction as there doesn't seem to be a way to tinker with neutral items in hero demo.

Repro Steps:
1. Have zero TP scrolls in inventory
2. Use trusty shovel and pick up the TP scroll bundle when it drops
3. Having only TP scrolls in your inventory that were given by the shovel, attempt to get more TP scrolls from the shop
4. According to my experience, the game will not accept the purchased scrolls into your inventory.

I was playing as Lion and had a trusty shovel. I dug up a TP scroll bundle and returned to the fountain. Upon returning to the fountain I attempted to buy more TP scrolls but right clicking the shop icon for them did not do anything. Yes I had enough gold. If you look at the replay of the Match ID I provided you can see from 14:30 to 15:00 I was attempting to purchase the scrolls and nothing happened. I used one of the TPs I got from the trusty shovel to go to our shrine and then was able to purchase the scrolls, so I sent them to me on the courier.

When the courier arrived to me at 15:40, you can see that it did not give me the scrolls I bought (one of the trusty shovel scrolls was still in my inventory), and it just returned to the base with them still in the inventory. I did not notice this at the time.

Then at 18:50 I sent my blink dagger to myself, TPs still on the courier, still one trusty shovel scroll in my inventory. The courier delivered the blink dagger but not the TP scrolls. I still did not notice this at the time.

At 19:57, once again while in fountain after dying I tried to buy TP scrolls (still a trusty shovel scroll in inventory). They would not purchase (as the inventory would not accept them). I stepped out of the fountain at 20:10 or so, successfully bought the TP scrolls when I was not in shop range, and once again the courier attempted and failed to deliver them to me.

Then at 20:20 or so (again, trusty shovel scroll still in inventory) you can see me call the courier somewhere between 5-10 times without receiving the TPs.

Immediately after this, I use my last trusty shovel TP from the fountain to the fountain just to get rid of it, expecting it was the problem, and it allowed me to finally retrieve my TPs from the courier.

Expected Result:
I should have been able to place the purchased TP scrolls into my inventory. Obviously this is something that is coded incorrectly, not up for interpretation. I'm assuming due to the nature of the TP scroll slot and the TP scroll bundles being unsellable, the game has issue stacking them. But apparently only if the bundle scrolls are in the inventory before the purchased ones, as I've not had issues with the bundle scrolls other than this instance.