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Thread: Punished for playing too well

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    Lightbulb Punished for playing too well

    So it dawned on me why games get harder the more games you win in a row. Must be anti smurf system. System detects youre playing way too good for your mmr so they pool from much more experienced enemy players (in the same mmr bracket, be it smurfs or just actually great players) which is fine, they said as much how they detect smurfs.
    Whats odd is that your own teammates dont get any better they play at the same bad level or even worse somehow. In my experience teammates become very passive and if youre not playing your best game ever youre going to lose. Which ive tested numerous times by playing passive myself as most of my games im not the one getting carried regardless of the role im playing. We flat out lose.
    Which means the system must have me tagged as some sort of "winner" that has to be brought down, A LOT by matching with awful teammates. Those teammates play like they expect someone to win them the game.
    If valve is going to manipulate matchmaking in this way at least make it even. It doesnt always happen. Only on gross win streaks like 3-4 (used to be 10-15 wins b4 that happened way back like 2014-2015) wins in a row. 1-3 wins games look balanced enough. 3rd might be harder. But after 4th it becomes obvious as lanes you arent in, start feeding non stop and thats an indication theyre playing against far better players.
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    but valve didnt care anymore with dota
    , useless writhed

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    yes i agree, it happen to me too. im also being reported sometimes for playing how i want from players

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    My biggest gripe at the moment is the "Mixed Behavior" matches that pop up every now and again. Rather than punished for playing well, it feels rather poorly implemented in a way that feels somewhat unfair. If queue times are so slow (or sparse) that not allowing the system to look for "Mixed Behavior" matches at a lower priority is understandable, at that point I would just want some communication. However , I think that if that is not the problem, then there needs to be an opt-in system as like a coach or a regular teammate in order to pull people out of toxic mindsets so that they can help. It could be opt in at the higher behavior level or at both levels, but I think it could work nicely.

    Again, this is only the case if that doesn't split up the player queue too much already, but if that is the case, maybe just say so, or have a small guess as to how many people are queuing or playing at one time in a region. Like "Low Density" or "High Density" at the regional level for matches/queuing players? Spitballing at the end here.
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    Sharing the fact that I've also been wrongfully banned from Ranked for 1 year. Dota Plus' Performance shows that I'm playing at Immortal range today.
    However last year I was calibrated at Ancient as I just came back to Dota 2 after approx 6 months of inactivity, and I was just adapting to the changes like outpost and all. Now that I'm well adapted to the changes, I am playing closer to my usual performance. But Valve decided to think that I'm boosting.

    Tried appealing but they said the decision was final. Seems rather like they didn't bother to clarify any doubts that they have in relation to their assumptions.

    Fine example of a game that never really cared about their community. Just look at where the support and Valve's involvement in the community are.

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