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Thread: MMR boosters are ruining this game and valve does nothing.

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    MMR boosters are ruining this game and valve does nothing.

    Why is there a mmr booster in pretty much 80% of divine/immortal games, I see people even advertise boosting sites on their profiles without ever getting banned, despite reporting them on steam/in game all the time, did valve simply gave up on punishing people using mmr boosting services?

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    Accounts are being made boosted and sold then they play and ruin games for 6 months until reset. After which they either buy a service to recalibrate and boost again or just buy a new account. Valve has billions they can easily let devevlop tools to let community self police or hire 50 indians to clean up the game in a matter of months but they dont for whatever reason. Its just pure negligence. Im betting they dont even have 1 person on staff to review anything or even look at the state of the game.
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