When i open dota workshop tools and pressing creat new item, it show some txt error with tiny. Then i go to steam menu dota localfiles and press verify files, when files verified its say that i missing some files in my dota client and when press again on verify local cache files - this file start downloading. And when again chack local files then steam say all files checked and everything ok. But when again open dota workshop item tools i have this txt error again with tiny:

Internal ErrorKV3 Load)/scripts/workshop_import__templates/template_tiny_back.txt
Interntal ErrorKV3 Load)/scripts/workshop_import_templates/template_tiny_neck.txt
internal ErrorKV3 Load)/scripts/workshop_import_templates/template_tiny_belt.txt

Just when i pressing menu Creat New Item in workshop item tools my cache files is not okey and always broken and need nonstop check game cache file to download it.