Helm of the Dominator Dominator Aura and Alpha Wolf Packleader's auras' bonus damage cannot be used by illusions. They are raw damage increases but they are auras which give damage increase based on base damage and can be carried by illusions making them eligible for actually affecting illusions' damage. Helm of the Dominator description states: "Increases nearby allied hero and player units base damage by 20% and health regen by 5. Has a 50% bigger effect on player units". But illusions do not get neither 20% nor 50% damage increase. Are illusions here not considered player units?
On the other hand, Illusionist's Cape shows increased damage as raw damage bonus but it does actually increase the damage output by 10% though it's description mentions illusions specifically.
Is such behavior of Dominate aura intended so it doesn't buff illusions or is it an oversight?