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Thread: Hero guides issue with patch number

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    Exclamation Hero guides issue with patch number

    >I created a guide for every single hero like 1 month ago and post them on Steam Workshop. (Luckily)
    >I had to reinstall a fresh Windows 10 and deleted everything 2 weeks ago.
    >Reinstalled Dota2 and saw that my guides weren't on My Guides tab, inside the game.
    >I didn't have 'Cloud' activated.
    >Found a way to get them back by looking for them on the Steam Workshop and downloading them.
    >They didn't appear on 'My Guides' tab even tho they are mine. (Should be FIXED).
    >Had to look for all of them manually and open them inside the game.
    >They will let me edit them, so I clicked 'Edit' then 'Save' and they were on 'My Guides' again.

    Now a problem occurs:

    >After editing and saving them, they change their patch number to 7.24 (current patch).
    >Then, after re-opening Dota2 again, the patch number for all of them is 175.128 automatically. (Should be FIXED)

    This is very annoying because I think if it's like that, they won't show on 'All Guides' tab for people to get them and, as a coach, I truly need them to be there.

    Upload attackments not working so..

    1.- Numbers that my guides are showing

    2.- After editing and saving them they go like this

    3.- Reopening Dota2 places the wrong number again.

    4.- How it shows in-game

    I might be afraid that they won't show to others because of that weird number and if they do, it can mislead them to think the guide is weird or not updated.


    EDIT 1: Happens also with just created guides.
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