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Thread: MMR Decayed afraid of getting banned for smurfing

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    MMR Decayed afraid of getting banned for smurfing

    My MMR has decayed severely from about 4k at one point to being 2.8k after placements this season, I hadn't played for over a year and my last placements I had gone like 2-8.
    Now if I pick TA every game I look like a smurf, my scores every game I win look disgusting. I was wondering if I keep doing this to get back to my old rank I'll get banned for rising too quickly.

    If I do, does Valve have an appeal process?

    Also I'm only logging on from my home IP every day. Does the new system take that into account?

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    Exclamation This affects me as well

    I'll describe my experience on this playing meepo.
    I dropped to 2.2k, got into low pri 3 times on the way to 2.9, the point at which I got a 2 days ban yesterday. It's ridiculous

    Thing is, both teammates and enemies indiscriminately report me every game. If I win, they report me for smurfing, and if I lose, they report me for "picking meepo in 2k". They don't even bother listen when I say I have a 77% winrate on the hero.

    My behavior score dropped from 8k to 5k in just a 700 mmr rise. I'm looking for a solution if anyone has anything to suggest, and no, "don't play meepo" is not a valid solution. I should be allowed to play any hero I want as long as I'm not actively trying to ruin other people's games.

    The system is automatic, it just looks at player reports, your scores/wins/etc. and makes a decision. I'm also interested in knowing if it looks at IP when making decisions. I'm in a huge dynamic IP pool, but I only ever logged in from IPs within my country.

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    lol how does one drop that low in mmr.

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