Hello, dev.

How can such a memory leak be allowed?

I had 144 fps from the very beginning of the game with Vsync, without creeps and in local lobby "map dota".

I waited 104 minutes, and as the screenshot suggests (https://i.imgur.com/fdh62V9.png), the FPS fell by half, but take into account, in addition to 3 Svens, there is nothing else on the map, no movement or new entities, I waited up to 170 minutes, the FPS fell to 30.

The developers work well in the valve.
Thanks for memory leak.

Before: https://i.imgur.com/Q6whHhE.png
After: https://i.imgur.com/fdh62V9.png

sorry for my bad english.

But I was tired of enduring this, so I expressed it, although I doubt that the developers will listen to at least one of my words and perceive it as important.
But still I hope that they will fix the problem, as I showed approximately how to reproduce it.

Please create a reddit topic, maybe they will hear there.