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Thread: Some suggestions about Aghanim's Scepter

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    Some suggestions about Aghanim's Scepter

    Auto cast a free Scatterblast after 4 attacks, and decrease CD of Lil' Shredder by 4s, allow Lil' Shredder attack 8 times. (yes, inspired by Underlords)

    2.Void Spirit
    Add one more charge to Dissimilate & Astral Step. (inspired by Ember's 5 times mobility)

    Add a trigger on/off like Doom's Devour, to switch fly with the gauntlet or just throw it.
    Or let Sven controllable during the flying, use move order to eject. Or use the trigger on/off to decide the eject enable or unable.

    4.Legion Commander
    Set the duel target untargettable or somewhat can not recive its allies help. Otherwise the Aghanim's Blessing will waste if your foe has an Ethreal Blade.

    Create 2 illusions when cast Metamorphosis like it was.
    Or set the fear be an independent skill.

    Spectral Dagger create an illusion when hit a target(s). can use Reality on it.

    Too bad... increase the Wild Axes speed & stack duration and reduce cast animation at least.

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    other idea about 3.Sven :
    Add an additional ability, share CD with original Storm Hammer.
    Or trigger on/off to decide fly or throw.

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