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Thread: [MEEPO] Boots of Travel / Nerfs

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    [MEEPO] Boots of Travel / Nerfs

    Hey Valve!

    I'd like to complain about the changes affecting Meepo. While I understand Meepo could be nerfed a bit, I am not happy that you do it by breaking Meepo playstyles. Namely, the nerf to Boots of Travel. Meepo clones only can have one single item. Only one: boots. Now Boots of Travel are basically useless to Meepo. The change has tremendous implications.

    I get it that you want to nerf BoT and keep people from TP scroll'ing to base then BoT back in the fight. But instead of taking away the BoT active, why don't you just put BoT and TP scoll on the same timer? For Meepo, this completely break his BoT playstyle which is one of the fundamental advantages of playing Meepo. It totally characterizes the hero.

    I'm OK with nerfing Meepo. But do it in a way that doesn't totally break one of his playstyles, take out the fun and reduce gameplay options. I don't know, nerf stats for a harder early game or smth like that. But this change is absurb.
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