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Thread: Monkey King Wukong's Command does not properly work with Desolator?

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    Question Monkey King Wukong's Command does not properly work with Desolator?

    Rather weird interaction between MKings ultimate clones/statues and the item Desolator.

    When during MKings ultimate a clone/statue hits an enemy hero (before the real MK hits them) they get inflicted with an odd looking desolator debuff icon that says "Desolator attacks reduced your armor by 0".
    And it really does not reduce enemy armor at all.

    What makes it even stranger is if after the statue attack the real MKing hero then attacks that target the odd worthless Desolator debuff will refresh its duration - thereby preventing the MKing from get any value from his Desolators armor reduction debuff.

    And if the real MKing hero attacks the enemy first and his ultimate clones/statutes start attacking it afterwards (while the real desolator debuff is still on the target) the debuff will be refreshed and it will properly reduce target armor by 6.

    Honestly this is so convoluted that it seems to be a bug for sure.
    MKings desolator -6 armor debuff should not be rendered worthless just because a clone/statue hit a target before the MKing himself did.

    Steps are easy to reproduce: spawn a monkey king and an enemy hero, give monkey desolator and lvl 6 for ultimate - let the ultimate statues hit enemy hero first, it will not reduce enemy armor at all and the real MK will not be able to replace that worthless desolator debuff with his real -6 armor one.

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    This is only a visual bug. This visual bug also affects Blight Stone and Orb of Venom, but they still apply their effects.

    Even though the HUD and debuff say the armour is reduced by zero, the damage formula still factors the armour reduction into it and applies damage accordingly.

    Try hitting an enemy hero that has 8 armour with Desolator and Blight Stone.

    If the armour reduction would not work at all, the hero would take around 30% less physical damage, but the armour reduction is fully working so the hero takes full damage (as if it had zero armour).

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