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Thread: Valve does it again.

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    Valve does it again.

    Be support. Try provide vision and support. Do most dmg in your team in the meantime. Most heal too. And don't be toxic. Win a game.
    End up in lp for that.

    Thanks valve for making fair lp bans. Fuck you. The bans doesn't tell anything about behaviour. Or gameskill.
    So valve. Fuck you.

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    agreed, playing dota for many years that i cant even count , banned for a week now, bcoz valva matchmakes me with lvl 15 players, feeding mid then go afk in jungle, but they can report me u know coz its fuckin trash system, im lvl 160+ why the fuck in the name of SATAN should i play with those trash...? i guess im quiting this game for good now and thats right before TI which i waste alot of money on every year...

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