pheonix's "power" rating (shown in debug console) is 10x that of other heroes - so wont be attacked.

enigma, monkey king, elder titan, IO can cause mode registration (output to dota_bot_debug_team X) to break - which causes multiple issues (anywhere from tri-laning to no laning period at all)

Riki - Bot cant use Tricks of Trade since skills moved around (prints show tricks in slot 2, doesnt show smokescreen anywhere, but smokescreen works)

Dark Willow runs down mid lane and feeds during laning if she doesnt get mid alone.

getlinearprojectiles() causes high memory usage.

cant call getlocation() against courier properly, cant call wasrecentlydamagedbyX() against courier, cant call getnearbyheroes() against courier <- these might not be so needed anymore with so many couriers, but will be needed again when you change back to 1 courier for the team.

most of these issues have been current for well over 3 years now.
thanks in advance.