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Thread: dota 2 horrible balance

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    Thumbs up dota 2 horrible balance

    so as the title says, I'd like the developers to explain why the game feels so bad to play?.

    I'm not gonna talk on the talent system you stole from a now-dead game.

    id like to focus on heroes that focus on taking away the fun from the game.

    *broken heroes.*

    Meepo: so, of course, I'm gonna start with the hero so broken is the number one choice by boosters...
    why after all this time Meepo still hasn't gotten nerfed? you can ban some boosters... but by balancing your heroes it makes it more difficult for them to win.

    Anti mage: also known as anti-fun, I'm not going to focus on his mana drain on heroes with small mana pools....or not even on the fact am used to have a passive and was still a pretty powerful hero...and for some reason that passive is now active, not avoiding spells but sending them back. every 3 seconds.
    I think that's all still pretty manageable.
    id like to focus on the fact that despite all the above you decided it was good he had a 3.5 seconds getaway. making him almost un-pursuable...thus allowing him to play rat most of the times.

    invoker: most magical damage.... disarms....stuns... most versatile hero...sure hybrid heroes are always balanced in any game...

    nature's prophet: what can I say about the rating?... I don't even understand why is it even allowed in the game...if I wanted to play a tower ve playing one.
    I won't focus on the teleport because thanks to the fact it was a casting time it's completely manageable.

    why is he allowed to...despite all lanes being pushed ...his enemy team destroying the whole team and having map advantage.
    backdoor destroy the racks and ultimately win by ratting? Lycan, had his Aghanim's changed because sending wolves with the waves was too powerful?
    yet prophet can keep sending hordes of treants to destroy racks.

    Techis: what to say? why is he on ranked? he's not even broken... is simply a hero that focuses on making 9 other players annoyed.

    valve please do understand that by making 1 hero fun to play by 1 player you are taking the fun out of 5 other players.

    id be great to see new meta heroes. because ultimately its always the same heroes being played... because of their clear advantage.

    ********all these heroes can be countered, they are fine to go watch professional plays******learn to play ******

    it's sad to think like that because the game should ve balanced for the majority of players.
    professional players don't even represent a quarter of the community.

    most of the community is archon or lower ranks ... so its good professionals know how to deal with broken heroes...

    *******still balanced is needed. **********
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    Valve stopped to care about balance when PA get buffed to sell her Arcana.

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