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Thread: State of Dota 2 Numbers and my Opinion - Return classic patches please

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    State of Dota 2 Numbers and my Opinion - Return classic patches please

    It's been the talk of some popular casters that the recent dip is prophetic of the way that dota is going to be going -- for those who dont know I'll quickly mention the state of Dota has seen
    average users dip to almost half a million instead of nearing a million like it was once at its peak. I made a post a while back explaining my sense of the issues regarding the dumbing down
    on the jungle parts of the map to witness the regrettable addition of jungle item drops -- this is buying time at the most in my humble opinion, why? because its more of the same stale content.

    TL;DR: Dota 2 has balanced the time it takes to push lanes up to the ancient, but free xp has ruined too much of dotas nuance, and also makes kills only a demerit to the one being killed.
    This removes all that hard work done to streamline the experience as a whole and turns the game into Aeon of Strife. When xp is hard to get, heroes return to roles such as bounty hunter
    (or other jungle hunters/lurkers) who hunt fat carrys down to be killed FOR THE XP difference. The jungle needs to be harder to navigate (like a cs:go map in terms of angles), the creeps
    need to be harder to kill and also cast spells except for specific heroes/junglers who will benefit from the jungle position from the pick phase. The jungle MUST be random and chaotic TIME
    AND TIME AGAIN as a construct of risk for standard heroes to traverse. Remember old Broodmother? That was AWESOME DOTA.
    Dota is not a game of winning. Dota is the mimesis of a role playing game boiled down to 20-60 minutes at a time. Warcraft 3 will destroy your game if you dont start fixing it.
    When jungle and offlane die, babysitters are worthless. When babysitters are worthless, carrys are worthless. When everyone is worthless, everyone
    is viewed as a potential carry at all times, which destroys any effort to balance the game because a set of heroes WILL ALWAYS EMERGE the superiors at the knees of PATHETIC VARIETY.
    The problem is Dota has become a road of a game.
    Success is defined by personal progress (hypocritical?) yet winning is defined by teamwork. All solo or duo strats that can WIN since allstars have been
    surgically removed from the game since the days of Dendi. Observe the old rules of allstars - denies denied xp, which tipped lanes - true. This forces rotations. This creates heroes of timing pushes.

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    i really miss the old fun, slow paced dota. where cetaur warunner had his skill dmg related to strenght, huskar had agility and armor, no talents, big simple dark fun colorful hud, the game really sucked you in and a lot of fun. now its just a shallow, no imagination, everything looks the same, gameplay sucks, you are constantly bwing djudge by others and there is no fun.

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    Thanks for posting; I dont consider old dota slow, I consider it more malleable with more complicated gameplay to consider; I think a lot of the concept has been lost since reworking invoker, templar assasin particularly and to a lesser extent riki -- this is a shining example of where professional players have been pandered to and it has resulted in the lowest common denominator being rewarded. If you remove the chances to fail then the game becomes linear, and if the game becomes linear then ultimately it is still a game that revolves around timing pushes which will be made popular by the people who enforced the rules, its a continually sinking pit of pandering and its exemplified by the 'jungle items' that are essentially buffers to team gold and xp sways. I miss playing crystal maiden knowing I could be vapourised by the carry, yet catching a team offguard by baiting, escaping LOS and using my ultimate to quad kill.
    I think its very important (and the folder says we're in beta still anyways) that if dota 2 pushing for some new ground -- PLEASE include a game mode of some patch before 6.83 or earlier that really crystallises old dota.
    Starcraft is an example of this, where old and new exist together just fine.
    You'll please the crowd and allow them to decide whether the game is improved or not. I reckon that despite it being work, its very straightforward work that will directly contribute interest to the scene. I don't think the aspects of the game should be made moot by the people who will never play a 20 minute play in an international league, Imagine if you said in Starcraft that start game harassment was out because its too hard and we're going to give them the army and then they decide at the end -- you've just turned the most loved game into Tiberian Twilight, the most hated game. Have a backbone please, and I have shown you the fool-proof way to do it which at the same time will appease your playerbase ))
    - introduce game modes
    that force them to get away from that OR reward time push strategies that almost work somehow, a thought I've had is that you could add global buffs based on hero roles
    eg- nukers get a very small BUT STACKABLE global buff to movement speed, and lanepushers get a small stackable buff to creep damage. Junglers could get a global stacking buff to jungle creeps or roaming in the jungle, and therefore picking multiple roles opens up new concepts to teams.

    I realise I might sound like a broken cog, but I'm at the core simply expressing the truth beyond the game numbers -- if people want old dota back, and keep saying its dead or broken by bad patching, simply show them it is one way or the other. I feel that dota has lost the mojo
    that is good fundamentals and timings can make crystal maiden the carry, and the level diaspora and gear made that AWESOME ( gear that was select to roles outside of carry/semicarry -- now everyone opts for the same gear huh, totally interesting..). Good teamwork gets you back in the game by
    killing the leading player, this generates the story arc of the game, dota being the game that is the microcosm of an rpg. Streamlining dota kills dota, so its kind of meant to be clunky and nonintuitive -- its non-intuitive BECAUSE there are so many ways to start the game. That made talking about dota fun, losing a lane was something that happened, the important part of the story was HOW YOU TOOK IT BACK. *sigh* all of that *clunkiness* is gone now, to me.
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