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Thread: Keeper of the Light Aghs bug.

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    Keeper of the Light Aghs bug.


    Couple of minutes ago, while testing KotL, I've noticed a major visual bug related to KotL's aghs.
    If you buy Scepter, the illusion casting Illuminate simply doesn't appear on its place(you can see a very little blur on the place where ability's been casted (visible on the screenshots.)) Also, only a little ball of light that's actually an increasing Illuminate strength indicator can be seen in game.
    This works both on "Demo Hero" and a normal game/lobby game type.
    If you consume aghs - the problem stays.

    Can't, unfortunately, attach the screenshots via the Attachments manager, so here's the Imgur link -

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is still broken. The model is not visible, it only creates a blur and the light ball that in front, the model of the ghost is invisible

    This is not related to the immortal, it's bugged for the default Illuminate as well.

    Please, just call me buny.

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