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Thread: Fix regional server structure for SA / More primary language options for matchmaking

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    Exclamation Fix regional server structure for SA / More primary language options for matchmaking

    It has been several years but every time i check back on DOTA south america server setup has been in the same atrocious state. Why did valve make the server located in Brazil work as the main south america server when Brazil is the ONLY south america country that doesn't speak spanish. Now Chile and Peru both SPANISH SPEAKING countries have exclusive servers, this is absurd how such a erroneous server structure has been going for several years and no sight of change or even acknowledgement on Valve's part, another matter that valve also refuses to improve is after years going there still haven't made all steam supported languages to be usable for primary language in matchmaking, including PT-BR which make the matches in Brazil/south america server even more toxic due to miscommunication between spanish only speakers and portuguese only speakers.

    Its long overdue that Valve should change the server structure for south america and separate Brazil and south america servers, or at the very least migrate the tag of south america server to either Peru or Chile servers, and expand the primary language pool for matchmaking purposes already.

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    It's very simple to fix, but maybe the option is to play on North American servers with Canadian nicknames and speak French. If the problem in your region cannot be solved, have it migrate
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