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Thread: Replay Console Commands for video recording

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    Figured Everything out, so here it is for those who want to make it easier for themselves recording replays.

    Toggle Hide HUD:


    additionally you can

    Hide top Hud: dota_hud_hide_topbar 0/1

    Hide bot Hud: dota_hud_hide_mainhud 0/1

    Free Camera: dota_toggle_free_camera

    Hide Cursor: dota_hide_cursor 0/1

    To disable camera sway on hero:

    dota_camera_lock_view_helper 0

    To bind a key to the shortcuts: - I just realised that if you bind a certain key that had a function previously, when you restart dota it will reset back to its original function. So far I know C is available and ;

    bind X hud_toggle_visibility

    X can be any button
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