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Thread: (Discussion) What do you want to see accomplished from the lore?

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    I don't see why the radiant and the dire cant be conflicting and warring energies that influence heroes to fight for its side. You saw in Tales of the Secret Shop on how the energies converted anybody to fight for that side. The energies could just influence heroes to fight for their side and they are compelled to. This would make sense, It would make sense of the fact that Omniknight would fight along side doom bringer. Or Kunkka with Tidehunter.

    All the heroes are just people involved in a cosmic war that made its way on the planet. So the lore that tells them how they originated as individuals (which it already does) can be preserved.

    You would have to make ideologies of Radiant and Dire. Not good or evil, but something like Collectivism vs Individualism would suit it nicely. Would explain the more "calm and tactful" dire heroes being lumped in with demon chaos monsters. They share the same ideology. Order vs Chaos. Something.
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    So what most of you guys want is to see all those places described in the background story. Well, guess what, It's not gonna happen. This isn't WoW. There are too many areas for each and every hero. They are only points of reference of the events that defy the personality of the hero, not places that people should actually give a damn about. Just my two cents.

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    Never, ever underestimate the value of fluff.

    Creating emotional connections to the audience can and will totally transform the experience.

    This is something I think valve has overlooked in their previous titles in favor of mechanics. But if they want Dota 2 to not get lost in the moba shuffle, they need to use every tool available to them.

    An engaging, cohesive, and original backstory which players can project themselves into, that should be their goal. It is a force multiplier.

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    We could say that the old battle on the first DotA died off of struggle, overusage of resources and such(on 6.72f) or a certain end of the world theme like Ragnarok (this would better)happened to it and would have been renewed in DotA 2.

    Whilst now the heroes have been revived in certain ways to a new struggle(they would have forgotten some of their names and titles). Perhaps changing the Lore in such ways as they were revived in their own respective ways, they were called out for another battle (that some of them know they were sent from the different heavenly powers of two opposing forces but all of them still have their own reasons to fight.)

    DotA would then be revealed as an old epic war of Ancients that neither good or bad they were fighting only because of rivalry, and another larger power that was playing them, pinning them into each other. They might be two powers of the same kind but still fighting each other only it is because it is their nature to fight. I would go with it saying that they were two siblings that were into such natural sibling rivalry. But then Team Fortress 2 has the same idea so I'm willing to listen to your ideas. What do you think? ^^

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    i think that the secret is to develop the comic and later include that lore inside game..
    like that a good comic artist and story can asure a good cohesion between the ideas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retardedarcher View Post
    You saw in Tales of the Secret Shop on how the energies converted anybody to fight for that side.
    except its pretty clearly indicated every time that its mentioned that those two are not heroes by any stretch of the word and that's why they turned into creeps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chairraider View Post
    Enigma was a Scourge hero in DotA 1 until the metagame turned out to be all about AoE ultimates and spells in the 2x to 3x versions, Sentinel lacked spells like that against Scourge's Cronosphere, Epicentre so Enigma was swapped from Scourge to Sentinel and swapped back when the metagame shifted. But if you read his background story it's pretty clear that it is a Scourge and now Dire hero.
    Oh ok thanks.

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    multiple maps and envrionments are possible. they even said they wanted stuff like pudge wars, sf wars, mirana wars and shit like that. they could have maps visit some very common areas where a lot of heroes came from, or something. not a lot, but only the major ones. that would require them to have some cohesive lores and background stories. also, mini campaigns could be a plus. like tinker clock and sniper have to defend themselves from a scouting team comprised of bounty hunter. templar assasin, and mortred or something. that could be a 3v3 map where you have to have objectives like "do not die for 15 minutes until reinforcements arrive." or something, because the three brothers don't want one of their brothers to die. or like have an assasin vs assasin 1v1 game where the objective is to first blood the enemy, followed by a short, small cutscene. things like this would help the game progress and don't seem like it would be too hard to do.

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